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This album contains various songs previously recorded in the last years. All re-recorded and re-arranged by the original members.


released November 27, 2015




The Chi Chi Bang Bang Cthulhus Leipzig, Germany

The Chi Chi BBC is an electronic/acoustic duo from Leipzig. It's a side project of Lena Seik & Tristan Schulze whose also release as Deko Deko.

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Track Name: Questions
watching photographs on the screen
thinking of this early wintertime you gave me your hands
embraced me and kissed
now you are mine

now we book a flight
to the north like years ago and it doesn't feel the same
'cause we're together now in an ordinary way
you are mine
and i'm yours

it's not a question of time
there's no question anymore
it's easy to try falling and fall

now we are leaving the screen
Track Name: Ghosts
something is over
and everything is fine
i'm packing all my hearts now
and leave it all behind
i don't like the way you thinking
the way you wanna be
i'm packing all my hearts now
and keep my ghosts with me

did you ever tell them
that you had an argument before
put them all together and walk beside me
did you ever know that
all those wars and terrible things
induce them to go a long time before
that they still are with you
you should be grateful then
keep them close and safe like a treasure - again

i am coming along
like ghosts do
Track Name: Please Come Closer (In the Forest)
please come closer
do you can hear
the wind is blowing like thousand voices
whispering words
be calm
can't you hear it

in the forest don't be afraid
i know it is dark but i'm with you
by your side

there's no moon who lights up the way
it rustles behind me
in the leaves
can't you hear it

in the night have no fear
i know it's wild
but there is nothing
i'm with you
Track Name: Spoiled Kid
my little spoiled kid
your story is so sad
my horror sonic friend
those things get dark like that
with eyes like black lakes
that sun has never touched
we stay on the fallen tree
and listen to the winds tales
unfortunately i feel cold inside
so i will better leave home now
my last cares will be on you
and on the next day i'll be happy again

so please stay here with me
my precious cute companion
i cannot be alone in the cold crystal cleAr night
i want to see your breath again
it looks like lovely dancing ghosts
that flying to the crowns of the gigantic night trees
Track Name: Call Me
when would you call me
when you say i call you during the day
i would say
it could be in the evening

so could there be hope for me

'cause now the sun is standing over the roof
let's move

let's climb above the rickety wooden stairs
and longing for the evening on the roof
waiting for the heavenly sign
on the display on the phone
waiting at home

i feel you're having doubts about
your forehead is growing darker and darker
it seems to be better now to let me alone
waiting on my own

if there's no call tonight
i will stay here on the roof until the morning comes
Track Name: The Vale
i will follow your way to your home
let me sleep and wake up at your room with you
and the burning heart of mine will be yours

keep me warm inside your chest
you found me left in fear
believe in what you feel
and get me through this vale of tears
Track Name: A Forest
come closer and see
see into the trees
find the girl while you can

come closer and see
see into the dark
follow your eyes, follow your eyes

i hear her voice
calling my name
the sound is deep
in the dark
i hear her voice
and start to run
into the trees, into the trees

suddenly i stop
but i know it's to late
i'm lost in the forest
all alone
the girl was never there
it's always the same
i'm running towards nothing
again and again and again

(Robert Smith)